Health Center

Desert Heights Preparatory Academy has a designated health center area that can be used to triage and address medical situations, but a school nurse is not on staff. Please review the Student & Parent Handbook for all health policies and procedures, but keep the following in mind for the upcoming school year.

• Medication Policy: all medications must be turned in at the Health Center and a Medication Permission Form must be completed and signed for any student needing to take medication during school hours on a daily or temporary basis. Students are not permitted to carry any medication on campus. A Written Medical Request/Authorization is required if the student needs to carry self-administering medication (i.e.; EpiPen or Inhaler). A NEW FORM MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EVERY SCHOOL YEAR.

• Prescription Medications must be in the original prescription bottle/container labeled with the Pharmacy label displaying the student’s name and current dosage instructions.

• Over the counter medications:  A Medication Permission Form is required to be filled out and mediation must be age appropriate and in the original bottle or package and labeled with the dosage instructions. A doctor’s note is required to override any dosage instructions otherwise. Please check expiration dates to determine when the medication needs to be replaced or discarded.

• Allergies: An Allergy Verification Form must be completed and along with a Written Medical Treatment Plan if your child has any form of allergies. This includes foods, medications and/or others. The food allergies information is made available to the cafeteria personnel for the safety and well-being of our students. Please remember to check with your child’s teacher for any possible food allergies when bringing in treats to share with the class, or pets for show and tell. A NEW FORM MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EVERY SCHOOL YEAR.

• Chronic Illness: A Chronic Illness Form must be completed for any student with a medical condition. This form must be completed by the parent/guardian and the physician, and turned in along with the Written Medical Treatment Plan and medication(s) if applicable. A NEW FORM MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EVERY SCHOOL YEAR.