Tuesday Newsletter

In an effort to maintain strong communication, the school uses a Tuesday Newsletter system, but the process varies by grade level. To help ensure participation in requested school activities, please keep in mind that all necessary paperwork needs to be returned to the school in a timely fashion and according to documented due dates.

  • 5th-8th Grade: Each Tuesday, the school will distribute information. To minimize waste, the school will distribute “informational” material in an electronic copy of the Tuesday Newsletter via e-mail and will only send home copies of paperwork that requires a parent/guardian signature. Parents/guardians should review all contents each Tuesday evening, sign any necessary paperwork and return the signed documents to the school on Wednesday.

Note: 5th-8th grade families that do not have internet access, please notify the school to request printed copies of all school information.

  • High School (9th-12th Grade): Each Tuesday, the school will electronically submit Tuesday Newsletter information to the students and parents via email, and other than field trip permission slips, physical copies of flyers, newsletters, etc. will not be sent home. Students that need physical copies of information should refer to the location in the high school building where items are stored, or copies of paperwork can also be obtained from the front office.